Lawyers Assisting Atlanta Residents In Wrongful Death Cases

Mourning womanFew things in life are more tragic than losing a loved one. Deaths, however, caused by another’s negligence are especially devastating. Family members can be utterly destroyed by these situations and a void is created that can never truly be filled. The fact, however, is that these unexpected tragedies often mean lost income and financial instability. Financial compensation cannot bring a loved one back or mend a broken heart, but it is important that survivors do not suffer additional and unnecessary hardship. Richard Summers is an Atlanta wrongful death lawyer assisting Georgia residents who have suffered such a loss. Contact our office today to speak with a personal injury attorney.

Atlanta attorneys handling wrongful death cases on behalf of Georgia residents

Wrongful death cases can be the result of a car accident, a trucking accident, or some other act of negligence. Georgia law allows for the deceased’s spouse, children, or parents to bring an action for damages. An action may also be brought by the personal representative of the deceased’s estate. Damages in such cases can include compensation for lost future earnings, medical expenses incurred by the estate, as well as money for pain and suffering or mental anguish. Obtaining compensation will be possible even if the deceased was partially responsible for the accident as Georgia is a comparative fault state. Such actions must generally be brought within two years of the tragedy although, under certain circumstances, this time frame may be expanded to five years.

The first step in filing any wrongful death action is to identify all potential defendants. Your lawyer will then contact the insurance carrier of each potential defendant. Counsel will deal with the insurers directly so that you may focus on putting your life back together. Counsel will also retain expert economists, as well as other professionals, to assist in calculating the total financial damage caused by the tragedy. Once the damages can be reasonably determined then a demand for payment will be sent to the insurers. If a settlement cannot be reached then it will be necessary to file  a lawsuit with the appropriate Court. The discovery process will then be utilized in order to gain evidence related to liability and damages. The case will conclude at a trial at which the jurors will decide the issue of fault and compensation. These types of cases are highly complex and it is crucial that you retain an attorney experienced in such matters.

Richard Summers is an Atlanta wrongful death lawyer who has been practicing law since 1978. Prior to your initial consultation he will have researched the facts of the case so that he may help you understand what to expect as the process moves forward. He will also conduct an investigation through the Secretary of State, and other relevant agencies, in order to identify all potentially liable parties. This will be done regardless of whether the potential defendants include individuals, corporations, or other business entities. Richard will also retain the necessary experts and will work to ensure that all of your damages are included in a demand for payment. If a settlement cannot be reached then our firm will not hesitate to litigate your case. We will file a case with the Court and use the discovery process to uncover evidence of negligent hiring, negligent supervision, and other acts which contributed to the tragedy. Richard will ensure that you are prepared for trial and that you know what to expect as the case moves forward. You are facing a serious situation and we will protect your rights from beginning to end.

Our firm serves residents of Atlanta and its greater metro area. This includes the Fulton County cities of Sandy Springs, Roswell, Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Milton, and East Point, the DeKalb County cities of Dunwoody, Decatur, Brookhaven, Redan, and, the Cobb County cities of Marietta, Smyrna, Mableton, and Kennesaw, the Fayette County cities of Fayetteville and Peachtree, the Hall County city of Gainesville, as well as other areas throughout the state of Georgia.

Atlanta lawyer providing the highest levels of representation to Georgia residents who have suffered from a wrongful death

If you have lost a loved one due to a wrongful death then you are already under an immense amount of stress. The last thing you want to worry about is whether your lawyer is going to keep in contact with you. Richard often gives his cell phone number to clients and will return your calls and emails within one business day. He will also keep you apprised of any updates in your case. After doing insurance defense work for fifteen years, Richard understands how these companies work and what can be done to help ensure that your action will be taken seriously. He will serve as your advocate while you begin the process of moving toward the future. If you need assistance, contact our Atlanta office today to speak with an attorney.